Experience a Full Immersion Teaching Cruise

Start the 2012 election year with the knowledge and energy needed to take America back on the 2012 Patriot Cruise.

The Patriot Cruise combines the learning environment of a masters level teaching classroom, the energy of a Town Hall meeting, and the fellowship of men and women with hearts bound together by the truth.

The political decisions made by American citizens in the voting booth will reveal this general direction. Will citizens choose the presidential candidate of the degraded and liberal America or will Americans summon the resolve to protect marriage, defend the nation, and return personal responsibility to the center of America’s public life? This means a choice between competition and coddling, between therapy and truth, between concern for self-esteem and pride in genuine achievement. During our week together we will explore what Americans really believe, how they report their beliefs and how they translate these beliefs into their every day actions, their neighborliness, their engagement with the community, their voting patterns, and much, much more. .

The Mariner of the Seas: One of the World’s Largest Ships


Say hello to one of the world's biggest and most imaginative maritime marvels - Mariner of the Seas. This fourth addition to our Voyager class of ships comes fully loaded with an unlimited supply of onboard adventure. You'll find a massive gym that will rival any on land, H20 ZoneSM water park (complete with ground geysers), ice-skating rinks, specialty restaurants and bustling boulevards lined with shops and cafés. All of this is yours combined with a guaranteed first dining time, daily conference work shops and nightly interactive grassroots discussions.



On Board Leaders


A Conference that Will Equip True Patriots

Imagine 52 total hours of teaching, discussions, open debate, and fellowship with men and women such as Gary Demar, Dr. Alan Keyes, Bill Federer, Victoria Jackson and many others. No conference on land will equip you for opposing the godless apologists of the liberal machine.

The Patriot Cruise will transform your ability to defend your faith, defend the foundations for which this country was founded, and convert those around you who oppose the truth by which we stand.

The Gospel: Our Greatest Weapon Against the Darkness

In our own strength, we can do nothing. We will only succeed by not just convincing others that we are right in our convictions, but by the transforming of their hearts and minds through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel can mold, inspire, and change even the most corrupt societies into societies rich with the fruit of His bounty. But can the faith that the majority of evangelicals possess today stand in the light of persecution and opposition? While the New Testament commands Christians to obey the righteous laws of a nation, believers cannot bend the knee to the regime as their primary allegiance. No Christian is “first and foremost” a citizen of any earthy kingdom or nation. This is a despotic demand for the idolatrous worship of the state. With both transparency and humility, we will tackle some of these issues with an honest look at whether our dependence is on our own flesh or on Christ Himself.